Thanksgiving Greetings from the Dow Family and Cavatappi Wines!

While we rarely need an excuse to drink Italian varietals, the festivities around Thanksgiving and December holidays prompt us to stock up on our favorite food-friendly, Italian-inspired wines, all grown here in Washington State.

Whether you're carving a traditional turkey or trying new and different options this year, our Holiday Case Special of Cavatappi has you covered!

We suggest you kick off your gathering with a glass of our crisp Pinot Gris as friends and family graze a well curated charcuterie board with our favorite new salami, the Smoking Goose Dodge City with fennel pollen and pink peppercorns (available locally at Town & Country stores and DeLaurentis).

If a classic stuffing is on your menu, our Cavatappi Sangiovese is a perfect accompaniment to this family favorite, Sausage and Sage Dressing. The wine's velvety finish and deep notes of cherry and currants compliment the stuffing's salty/savory flavors. It also adds fuel to the family feud whether to add currants or pecans to the recipe. Keep pouring!

Nebbiolo, no matter the age, goes well with a variety of winter feasts thanks to the approachable yet elegant expression of this grape's natural acidity and its rich, festive garnet color. Our family's go-to turkey recipe comes from Seattle chef, family friend and self-proclaimed "Nebb-Head", Tom Douglas. His Roast Turkey with Sweet Onion Gravy is not only a delicious crowd-pleaser, it just happens to be one of our all-time favorite pairings for the Maddalena Nebbiolo.

From our family to yours, we wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season!

Peter's daughter, Molly with her husband and two sons in the vineyards of Paso Robles, California.

Peter's daughter, Madeline, joined by her family and beloved furry friend. 

Reese Pennington, the third generation of Cavatappi, spending her afternoon amongst the vines of Nebbiolo!

 Madeline with the owner of Red Willow Vineyards - where our Nebbiolo and Sangiovese grapes come from

Madeline with Mike Sauer, the owner of Red Willow Vineyard where Nebbiolo and Sangiovese grapes are grown!



Peter Dow with his son-in-law celebrating the holiday over a family wine tasting.